Dog Boarding & Sitting

   While we want to travel with our canine companions, our sitters knows that this isn't always possible. With our responsible boarding services, your dog can have extended stays overnight while playing during the day in our indoor, outdoor, or aquatic pack programs, Feel free to bring beds, toys, or soft objects from home that will be placed in your dog's kennel at night. Also, ensure your dog's food is in a resealable plastic container with their name clearly printed on the lid.

Dog Walking

  Extended hours available for whenever your dog needs a safe environment to explore.

Dog Fitness

Our canine fitness and fun programs allows dogs to swim, play, and exercise in a positive environment. Each pack participant is chosen to match their compatible temperament and activity energy levels. Accordingly, the course for each dog is customized to their preferred style of play engagement, and health goals outlined by your vet.

Doggy Day Care & Drop-In Visit

Daytime pet care in a sitter's dog-friendly home, quick outdoor potty breaks, and personality matched play dates